The Scaffold

Roger McGough
Mike McGear (Mike McCartney)

John Gorman

Scaffold were not a beat group, of course, but they were very much a product of the cultural revolution on Merseyside in the early Sixties, and their success demonstrated the wideranging effects of that revolution in the country as a whole.
A new attitude to poetry had been emerging in Liverpool alongside the beat groups' new attitude to music, and when three leading Liverpool poets - Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Patten - were represented in the Penguin Modern Poets series, it was appropriate that the volume should be titled 'The Mersey Sound'.

Like the groups, the young poets had built up an audience through performance, and places like Streates Coffee Bar, O'Connors and the Everyman theatre nad held regular poetry readings. When national attention began to focus on Liverpool after the first flood of pubicity about the Beatles, several of these poets began to sell nationally in unprecedented quantities.

Much of the new poetry was influenced by the lyrics of pop songs, and with their common origins, it was inevitable that the musicians and the poets should join forces. The most notable products of this fusion were the Liverpool Scene (fronted by Adrian Henri and Andy Roberts, formerly guitarist with the Clayton Squares), and Scaffold.

Roger McGough was already a national cult figure when the group formed, and it soon became known, in spite of his changed name, that Mike McGear was Paul McCartney's brother. Furthermore, Scaffold were genuinely witty and musically pleasing; so, although they were a kind of unit hitherto unknown in pop, it was not altogether surprising that 'Thank U very much', produced by George Martin, got into the Top Five. Television and live appearances, and more records followed, including a million-selling number one, 'Lily the Pink' in December ,1968.

Gorman, McGear and McGough are now members of Grimms, a little-bit-ofeverything group which also includes Gerry Conway, Brian Patten, Neil Innes, Andy Roberts and Zoot Money.


  • May  1966   Two Days' Monday/ Three Blind Jellyfish
  • Dec  1966   Goodbat Nightman/ Long Strong Black Pudding
  • Nov  1967   Thank U very much/ Ide be the first    4
  • Mar 1968    Do You Remember?/Carry On Krow
  • Jun  1968   1 2 3 / Today
  • Oct 1968    Lily The Pink / Buttons Of Your Mind
  • Jun 1969    Charity Bubbles/ Goose
  • Oct 1969    Gin Gan Goolie /Liver Birds
  • jun 1970     All The Way Up/ Please Sorry
  • Oct 1970     Busdreams
  • Oct 1971     Do The Albert/ Commercial Break
  • May 1974     Liverpool Lou / Ten Years After On Strawberry Jam