The Riot Squad

Graham Bonney - vocals
Ron Ryan - guitar
Len Tuckey - guitar
Mark Stevens/Jon Lord - keyboards
Mike Martin - bass guitar
Mitch Mitchell - drums

The Riot Squad appeared on the 1965 Kinks' nationwide tour, and turned out a series of singles for two years without any chart success.

The Riot Squad were a London-based band, put together in 1965 by Larry Page who assembled them from two lesser groups and also produced their early records. The group came to national attention with an appearance in the popular TV programme "Z-Cars".

They were a good band, but were bedevilled by a constantly changing line-up which did not help them to achieve the required breakthrough. Bonney went on to have a solo hit with "Supergirl" (1966). Mitchell left to join Georgie Fame's Blue Flames before moving on to the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Of their singles, "Gotta Be A First Time" (1967), one of the last songs to be produced by the legendary Joe Meek, was the closest they got to a hit, attracting considerable airplay without quite making the charts.

They were a good group, but lacked that magic that characterises the really popular acts.


  • Jan 1965   Anytime / Jump
  • Jun 1965   I Wanna Talk About My Baby / Gonna Make You Mine
  • July 1965   Gonna make you mine/ I wanna talk about my baby
  • Sep 1965   Nevertheless / Not A Great Talker
  • Jan  1966   Cry, Cry, Cry / How Is It Done
  • Apr  1966   I Take It That We're Through / Working Man
  • Jul   1966   It's Never Too Late To Forgive / Try To Realise
  • Jan  1967   Gotta Be A First Time/Bittersweet Love