Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four

Tommy Quickly - vocals (born, Thomas Quigley)
Colin Manley - lead guitar/vocals (died 9th April 1999)

Phil Rogers - rhythm guitar/vocals
Don Andrew - bass guitar/vocals
Roy Dyke - drums

Another Brian Epstein act. The Remo Four contained pianist Tony Ashton whose group Ashton Gardner and Dyke was popular in the early Seventies, and who later joined Family. Like the Searchers, the Remo Four had originally backed Johnny Sandon, but Epstein teamed them with the boyish Quickly.

Tommy Quickly is basically known for two things: he was managed by Beatles overseer Brian Epstein, and managed to record a Lennon-McCartney composition, "Tip of My Tongue," that the Beatles never got around to releasing themselves. One of Lennon-McCartney's slightest numbers it was downright wimpy, in fact Quickly had a minor hit with it when he made it his debut release in mid-1963.

Only 18 at the time, Quickly recorded half a dozen singles in 1963 and 1964, sometimes backed by Liverpool combo the Remo Four, notching another small hit with a cover of the country standard "The Wild Side of Life," but never truly broke out into stardom. His material mostly mined the most pop-influenced end of the Merseybeat style, sounding like a more MOR version of Gerry & the Pacemakers (who were not exactly radical innovators themselves).

Quickly was at one time slated to be "given" another Lennon-McCartney song, the excellent "No Reply," with Paul McCartney on tambourine. But the session came to naught when Quickly was unable to sing the vocal in tune, partially because John Lennon had, it has been written, impeded Quickly's concentration by supplying Tommy with whiskey. Quickly's version of "No Reply" never came out the Beatles would record it themselves on their fourth album and, in fact, his career was therefore finished, as he left Epstein's management stable and quit the music business shortly thereafter.

One of their singles did scrape into the charts, but Tommy Quickly had a noticeably weak voice and they never caught on.


Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four:

  • Aug 1963   Tip of my tongue / Heaven Only Knows
  • Nov 1963   Kiss Me Quick / No Other Love
  • Mar 1964   Prove It / Haven't You Noticed
  • Jun  1964   You Might As Well Forget Him / It's As Simple As That
  • Oct  1964   Wild side of life/ Forget the other guy  27
  • Dec  1964   Humpty Dumpty/ I go crazy

Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four

  • 1963    Lies / On The Horizon
  • 1963    Magic Potion / Yes

The Remo Four

  • Jan 1964   Everybody Knows / Closer To Me
  • Apr 1964   I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate / Peter Gunn
  • Jun 1964   Sally Go Round The Roses / I Know A Girl


  • 1966   Smile
    Heart beat / The skate / No money down / Rock candy /
    The 7th son / Roadrunner / Brother where are you /
    Jive samba / Nothin's too good for my baby / Peter Gunn /
    Mickey's monkey / Live like a lady / Sing hallelujah / Dancing and singing / Sing hallelujah (Alternate take) / Live like a lady (Alternate take) / Live like a lady (Instrumental Version)