Paddy, Klaus & Gibson

Paddy Chambers - guitar/vocals
Klaus Voorman - bass guitar
Gibson Kemp - drums

Gibson Kemp was Ringo Starr's replacement in Rory Storm & The Hurricanes, whom he joined in September 1962. In February '63 he moved on to Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes, who at that time included John Frankland on rhythm guitar and vocals. In June 1964, the Dominoes defected from Taylor and Paddy Chambers, a former member of Faron's Flamingos and The Big Three joined the group.

After just a few weeks, Chambers, Kemp and Franland jumped ship and, after recruiting bassist Lewis Collins, formed a new group called The Eyes, left Liverpool and moved to Hamburg, Germany.

In October '64, while the group was still in Germany, Collins departed and the band brought in a saxophonist, Johnny Phillips, who had previously been with the Roadrunners and Klaus Voorman, who had never previously played with a band. Voorman was a graphic designer who had befriended the Beatles during their Hamburg days.

In March 1965, Frankland and Phillips left. Now reduced to a trio, the Eyes returned to Liverpool and re-christened themselves "Paddy, Klaus & Gibson". Back in England, they became the first group to be managed by the future founder of Charisma, Tony Stratton-Smith.

Stratton-Smith helped them secure a contract with Pye Records and booked them into the Pickwick Club where they were seen by the Beatles. At their suggestion, Brian Epstein bought out the groups' contact from Stratton-Smith.

They only lasted for a little more than a year, releasing three singles during that time, one of which was produced by Paul McCartney.

Following their demise in May 1966, Chambers joined a late formation of The Escorts while Voorman briefly became a member of The Hollies before moving on to Manfred Mann and eventually, John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band. Klaus also employed his artistic skills in 1966 designing the cover of The Beatles' album "Revolver".

  • 1965      She/Peanut Butter     (The Eyes)
  • jul 1965   I Wanna Know/I Tried
  • feb 1966  No Good Without You Baby/Rejected
  • may 1966  Teresa/Quick Before They Catch Us