Ian & The Zodiacs

Ian Edwards - guitar/vocals
Geoff Bethel - keyboards
Pete Wallace - lead guitar
Charlie Flynn - bass guitar/vocals
Cliff Roberts/Geoff Bamford/joe Walsh - drums

The Zodiacs were formed in 1958 as a trad-jazz band by members of a school orchestra in Crosby on Merseyside. They began playing rock 'n' roll with the addition of a vocalist, John Kennedy.

Edwards replaced Kennedy early in 1960 and they began playing more pop-oriented material. Bethel and Roberts both left in May '64 when the band decided to turn professional. They decided to continue without a pianist, and recruited new drummer Bamford from The Memphis Three.

They went over to Germany where they enjoyed extraordinary popularity, spending their time touring and recording. Two of the albums they made in Germany consisted entirely of Beatles songs and were released under the name "The Koppycats".

Ian & The Zodiacs disbanded during the summer of '67, Edwards went on to play with The Fourmost and The Connoisseurs.

  • sep 1963   Beechwood 4-5789/You Can Think Again
  • oct 1963   Let's Turkey Trot / It ain't Necessarily So (Wellington Trade)
  • feb 1965   Just The Little Things/This Won't Happen To Me
  • may 1966  No Money, No Honey/Where Were You
  • oct 1966   Wade In The Water/Come Along Girl