Gerry & The Pacemakers

Gerry Marsden vocals, guitar
Leslie Maguire piano
Les Chadwick bass guitar
Freddie Marsden drums

Gerry Marsden, who worked for British Railways after leaving school, played guitar first in a skiffle group in the Fifties, then in various rock groups, often with his brother Freddie. Eventually he formed his own group, the Mars-Bars, who had a modest success in the Liverpool area but broke up after six months. In 1959'he and Freddie were joined by Les Chadwick on bass to form a trio, and called themselves the Pacemakers. Like the Beatles and many other groups of the time, they were offered work in Hamburg, and had a successful two-month residency at the Top Ten Club. Returning to England, they were joined by Les Maguire on piano, and played many dates in Liverpool and the North, often with the Beatles.

They signed a management contract with Brian Epstein in June 1962, and six months later Parlophone A and R man George Martin saw them performing at Birkenhead and chose them to record a new song by Mitch Murray, 'How do you do it?' He had originally wanted the Beatles to do this song, but they had sabotaged the session, preferring to do their own material. The Pacemakers however were glad of the chance to record it; it entered the Top Twenty in March 1963 and was soon at No. 1. Gerry and the Pacemakers therefore became the second Liverpool group to make a national impact.

When their next single, another Mitch Murray song in the same breezy style, and their third, the old Rodgers Fr Hammerstein ballad 'You'll never walk alone', both made No. 1, the group became the only artists ever to achieve this position with their first three records. Even the Beatles had not managed this!

Gerry and the Pacemakers were featured in a film which slightly belatedly attempted to exploit Liverpool mania - 'Ferry Cross the Mersey' (1965), and the theme song (written by Gerry Marsden) was their sixth Top Ten single in January 1965. It was also their last. Their next, 'I'll be there', made No. 12; after that, the group continued to be successful, but went increasingly after the family audience, a process which culminated in Gerry going solo as a children's television and musical comedy performer.


  • Mar  1963  How do you do it?/ Away from you 1
  • June 1963    I like it/It's happened to me  1
  • Oct  1963    You'll never walk alone/ It's alright    1
  • Jan   1964   I'm the one/You've got what I like   2
  • April  1964   Don't let the sun catch you crying/ Show me that you care 6
  • Aug  1964    It's gonna be alright/ It'sjust because    24
  • Jan   1965    Ferry cross the Mersey/You you you     8
  • Mar  1965   I'll be there/Baby you're so good to me  12
  • Oct  1965   Walk hand in hand/Dreams 
  • Feb   1966   La la la/Without you
  • Nov   1966 Girl on the swing/ Fool to myself

Gerry Marsden:

  • June  1967 Please let them be/ I'm not blue
  • Aug   1967 Gilbert Green/What makes me love you
  • April   1968 Liverpool/Charlie Girl
  • Nov   1968 In the Year of April/Every Day
  • May   1969 Every Little Minute/In Days of Old
  • May   1971 I've Got My Ukulele/What a Day
  • April   1972 Amo Credo/Come Break Bread


  • July  1963 How do you do it?
    Away from you/I like it/It's happened to me
  • Feb   1964 I'm the one
    You've got what I like/You can't fool me/ Don't you ever
  • May  1964 Don't let the sun catch you crying
    Show me that you care/Summertime/Where have you been?
  • Dec   1964
    It's gonna be alright/ It'sjust because/ Maybellene/You're the reason
  • Feb   1965 Gerry in California
    Skinny Miss Lizzie/My babe/Away from you/What'd I say?
  • Mar   1965 Ferry Cross the Mersey
    It's gonna be alright/I'll wait for you
  • June  1965 Rip it up
    Reelin'& Rockin'/ Whole lotta shakin' goin' on/You win again


  • Oct  1963 How do you like it?
    Shot of rhythm and Blues/Jambalaya/
    Where have you been all my life?/ Here's hoping/
    Pretend/ Maybellene/ You'll never walk alone/
    Wrong yo-yo/ You're the reason/Chills/
    You can't fool me/ Don't you ever/Summertime/
    Slowdown/ Columbia

  • Feb   1965 Ferry Cross The Mersey
    It's Gonna Be Alright/Why Oh Why?/Fall in Love/
    Think About Love/I Love You Too (The Fourmosts)/ All is Quiet on the Mersey Front(George Martin)/ This Thing Called Love/
    Baby You're So Good To Me/I'll Wait for You/
    She's the Only Girl for Me/Is it Love (Cilla Black)/ Ferry Cross the Mersey/