The Fourmost

Brian O'Hara lead guitar
Mike Millward rhythm guitar
Billy Hatton bass guitar
Dave Lovelady drums

The Fourmost, like several of the Merseybeat groups, laid heavy emphasis on comedy, and an eightmonth spell at the London Palladium in 1964 established them early on as 'all-round entertainers'. This enabled them to survive changing fashions in pop music, and although they faded in terms of chart success after their first three records, they continued to find regular work and can still be seen in cabaret and variety.

They were originally known as the Four Jays, then the Four Mosts. When Brian Epstein became their manager, he shortened their name to the Fourmost and gave them two very commercial Lennon-McCartney songs for their first singles. They also appeared in the Gerry and the Pacemakers' film 'Ferry Cross the Mersey', which consolidated their position as one of the most successful Liverpool outfits, but they received a blow when their leader Mike Millward was taken ill after the release of 'I'm in love'.. Bill Parkinson took over on rhythm guitar until Millward was well enough to play with the group again, but the change prevented them from cashing in on their early success as much as they might have done, and after 1964 none of their records sold particularly well.

In spite of their preference for comedy, revealed in later records like 'Girls, girls, girls' which featured Chipmunk-type choruses, and George Formby's 'Aunt Maggie's remedy', they were a tight beat group, whose singles displayed great professionalism. Perhaps their style was a little too slick, seeming rather mannered by contrast with the roughness of the R & B groups which emerged in 1964.


  • Sept 1963   Hello little girl/ Just in case 9
  • Jan  1964    I'm in love/ Respectable  17
  • April 1964    A little lovin'/ Waiting for you 6
  • July 1964     How can I tell her?/ You got that way
  • Nov 1964     Baby I need your loving/ That's only what they say 24
  • July 1965     Everything in the garden/ He could never
  • Nov 1965    Girls girls girls/ Why do fools fall in love?
  • Aug 1966    Here there and everywhere/ You've changed
  • Nov 1966    Aunt Maggie's remedy/ Turn the lights down


  • March '64 The Fourmost Sound
    Hello little girl/Just in case/ I'm in love/ Respectable
  • August'64 The Fourmost
    A little lovin'/Waiting for you/How can I tell her?/You got that way


  • Nov 1965 First and Fourmost
    Till you say you'll be mine/Yakety Yak/
    Girls girls girls/My block/So fine/
    Some kind of wonderful/The girl can't help it/
    Today I'm in love/The crowd/ Baby-sittin' boogie/ Heebie Jeebies/Sure to fall/
    Bound to lose my heart/
    Something's got a hold on me