Faron's Flamingos

Faron Chambers - bass guitar/vocals
Paddy Chambers - guitar
Nicky Crouch - guitar
Trevor Morais - drums

Faron - known as 'the panda-footed prince of prance' - was an almost legendary figure on Merseyside, and his group had a fine uninhibited rocking style. Their 'Let's Stomp' and 'Talking 'bout you' are outstanding tracks on Oriole's 'This is Merseybeat, Volume 1', and they subsequently put out a version on Oriole of the Contour's classic 'Do you love me?' which was unfortunately overshadowed by the Tremeloes' slicker but less exciting version.

Both Faron (Bill Russley) and guitarist Paddy Chambers joined the Big Three at the end of 1963, and the Flamingos folded.


  • Aug 1963   See If she Cares / Do You Love Me
  • Oct 1963   Shake Sherry / Give Me Time