The Undertakers

Jimmy McManus - vocals (1960/2)
Dave "Mushy" Cooper - bass guitar (1960/2) (died 1998)
Jackie Lomax - bass guitar/vocals (1962/4)
Chris Huston - lead guitar
Geoff Nugent - guitar/vocals
Brian Jones - saxophone
Bugs Pemberton - drums

Of all the sad stories of the Merseybeat boom, theirs is perhaps the most inexplicable. They specialised in all-out rockers such as 'Shout' and 'Mashed Potatoes', and boasted not only a funky sax player (a comparative rarity in groups of the period), but a really exceptional singer, Jackie Lomax.

Their complete failure in chart terms might have owed something initially to their name and image (they arrived at gigs in a hearse) and perhaps sensing this they changed their name to the 'Takers and dropped their macabre props. But still they failed to make an impact.

Jackie Lomax went solo, but even when he signed to Apple and in 1968 came out with a masterpiece, 'Sour Milk Sea', written and produced by George Harrison, with Eric Clapton on guitar, real popular success eluded him.


  • Jul 1963    Everybody Loves A Lover/Mashed Potatoe
  • Oct 1963   What About Us/Money
  • Feb 1964   Just a little bit/ Stupidity
  • Sep 1964   If you don't come back / Think      (The 'Takers)

Jackie Lomax:

  • October'67 Genuine Imitation Life/Oneminutewoman/CBS