The Mojos

Stu James (Stuart Slater) vocals
Nicky Crouch guitar
Terry O'Toole piano
Keith Alcock bass guitar
Bob Conrad (John Conrad) drums

The Mojos' second record and only sizeable hit, 'Everything's alright', in spite of its unoriginal title, can be seen today to have been at least some months, if not years, before its time. A great lead voice, some fine rocking piano, and some unexpected chord changes took it to No. 9 in the charts, but after that - nothing.

In spite of a good Merseybeat pedigree - a strong local reputation, a triumphant spell at the Hamburg Star Club, a guitarist who had been a member of the renowned Faron's Flamingos - the Mojos' popularity dropped so swiftly that their fourth record was beaten in terms of sales by a completely unknown group, the Cherokees, whose version of the same song rose two places higher in the charts in the days when these things mattered.

This extraordinary change in - the group's fortunes may have had something to do with the fact that they were under contract to Decca, a company so huge in terms of publicity and exposure, that groups who were less than phenomenally successful were not given much individual attention.


  • Oct  1963   Forever/They_say
  • Mar  1964   Everything's alright/ Give your lovin' to me   9
  • July  1964   Why not tonight?/ Don't do it anymore      25
  • Aug  1964   Seven daffodils/ Nothin' at all       30
  • Apr  1965   Comin' on to cry/ That's the way it Goes
  • Sep  1965   Wait a minute/ Wonder if she knows
  • Jan  1967   Goodbye Dolly Gray/ I just can't let her go
  •       1968    Until My Baby Comes Home/ Seven Park Avenue


  • 1964 The Mojos 
    Everything's Al'right/I Got My Mojo Working/
    The One Who Really Loves You/Nobody But Me